Sunshine in Santiago

G and I have just flown over the snowcapped Andes to arrive in a very sunny Santiago….such a contrast from Edinburgh in December and being catapulted out of christmas…actually quite the right thing to do!

We have been decompressing and drifting through some sightseeing in the city interspersed with cafe stops and oblique conversations which I have not done for ages…life being so busy in the Burg and full of things that have to be done. It is quite nice to contemplate things that do not have to be done but just thought about in a meandering way.

Fresh lemonade is a great thing here, with mint and ginger. We took the little rail way up to the top of the hill the other day and got a great view of the city which is in a natural plain surrounded by the show capped mountains which does seem strange when we are basking in 30degree heat. today we had a leisurely stroll to galleries and cathedrals and got a feel for the city.

Everyone is very friendly and there is street art and grafitti everywhere. Lots of shop fronts boarded up which may be from the recent riots?

Off to plan the next few days travel into the Andes.


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