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April, 2023

  • 27 April

    Africa here we come

      Celtic Rover is back! I am once again in the intensive pre-trip planning phase of one of my “big trips”, the spreadsheets are out, visas are being researched, and Nelson is being revamped for a big trip. This time to Africa for the classic UK to Cape Town trip …

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March, 2020

  • 22 March

    Sheltering in Place

    A week ago I was in Buenos Aries in the last days of my six month trip around South America.  Life has changed a lot for me in just a week, as it has for the majority of people in the world, thanks to the Corona virus.  I am now …

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  • 14 March

    Buenos Aries – leaving on a jet plane

    As I write this I am back home in Edinburgh under lockdown and i think it is going to be one of the quietest birthdays of my life, to maximise the safety of the family Lee is with her mother in Aberdeen and I am here with my oldest daughter …

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  • 13 March

    Montevideo – faded chic

    My last stop with Nelson was the Uruguay capital Montevideo, although my main purpose of visiting this city was the great reputation of its port facilities and the ease of its paperwork for sending Nelson home I did have a few days there and the city grew on me very …

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  • 10 March

    Shipping Home

    Getting to Montevideo was the end of my trip with Nelson so it was time to pack up for the long sea voyage home, normally with the roof rack and the box on the roof Nelson is quite tall, around 256 cm (which is very good to print out and …

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  • 7 March

    The devil at the beach …

    Now we have made it into the very last country of the trip Uruguay or properly called the Republic Oriental Del Uruguay as the sign reminded us as we entered, this was the day after our epic trip down the 200km of Playa Cassini and I was happy to be …

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  • 5 March

    A vist to Germany….in Brazil

    There are some parts of South America that just do not feel like South America, usually due to the significant number of immigrants who dominate the population in a small part of the countries, so is the case in the case of the two little towns of Gramado and Canela …

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  • 5 March

    Beach buggy and beach bums

    Beach buggy …. Tony and I have been exploring the beaches of Brazil in the last week of the trip before we head to Montevideo and put Nelson in his container home, mostly this has involved splashing around in the sea, wild camping beside beaches in sleepy but friendly towns …

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February, 2020

  • 26 February

    Missions and Falls, a few days in the Jungle

    After the excitement of Carnival we were a bit sore legged tired and slightly deaf so an easy day was needed, we headed back across the river to Argentina and decided to tour the abandoned Missionary at San Ignacio.  This turned out to be the nice easy day we needed, …

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  • 25 February

    Carnival…dancing shoes, not much else

    One of the anticipated highlights of the trip was to see Carnival in South America, however this caused some angst before the trip and I was quite anxious about it ahead of time as often it is the events with a lot of advance anticipation that can disappoint simply because …

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